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How to determine oxidation rates and quantum yields during the photocatalytic oxidation of As (III) over TiO2

published in Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 113628 The determination of reaction rates for the photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) of arsenite (As(III)) using TiO2 under UV radiation is challenging due to the numerous experimental processes. This includes chemical processes running simultaneously with PCO (e.g. adsorption of arsenic species, direct UV photolysis of As(III)) and the analytical approach used… Read More »

ThellierCoolPy: A Cooling-Rate Correction Tool for Paleointensity Data

Ancient magnetic field intensity estimates from rocks, can provide information about the early habitability of the Earth and formation of the Solar System. Ancient magnetic field intensities are recovered from rocks, by replicating the magnetic remanence acquisition process which occurs in nature in the laboratory. In nature, this magnetic remanence is acquired by cooling rocks… Read More »

Welcome to Evelyn in our lab

Evelyn Baker is a PhD candidate in Adrian Muxworthys Natural Magnetism group. Evelyn’s research investigates how magnetic minerals record external magnetic fields during grain growth processes. With a particular focus on determining the strength of the recorded magnetic field from the rocks magnetisation. She conducts her magnetic mineral synthesis experiments with us.

Proposal assessment for Swedish Mining Innovation

I have been invited to sit on the proposal evaluation panel for the Swedish Mining Innovation awards for 2021. It is fascinating to read so many research ideas and get insights into state of the art mining innovation

Welcome to Liberty and new collaboration with the Vilar lab

Welcome to Liberty and a new collaboration with the Vilar lab. In order to tackle the issue of PFAS contamination in drinking water streams, the goal of this project is to design a material to selectively remove GenX from water. To achieve this goal, a high throughput screening process will be implemented to rapidly determine… Read More »

New collaboration with the Suzuki lab

We have agreed on a new collaboration with the Suzuki lab at Aichi Steel Corporation to work together on the development of a mugineic family phytosiderophore analogue as an iron fertilizer. To this end we will in our labs experimentally and computationally characterise the interaction of a proline-2′-deoxymugineic acid with transition row metals. We will… Read More »