Policy and Outreach

Outreach (Public Engagements / Press Releases / Videos and clips / Printed)

07/2021 – Press release on our paper on lead in Londons atmosphere

05/2018 – Stand at the Imperial Science Festivals in 2018

01/2018 – Talk to the local environmental society of the Falkland Islands and local primary school

02/2017 – Nature Talks at The Darwin Centre, The Natural History Museum

05/2013 – Nature Talks at The Darwin Centre, The Natural History Museum

04/2012 – Talk to the Environmental Group in Stanley, Falkland Island

06/2011 – Stand at the Imperial Science Festivals in 2018

05/2010 – Nature Talks at The Darwin Centre, The Natural History Museum

10/2010 – Nature Talks at The Darwin Centre, The Natural History Museum

11/2010 – Participation at the bio-inspired ice vehicle trans Antarctic expedition with research instruments

Participation at the Hyde Park exhibition on experiencing nature by developing a pH measuring station (07/2007)

In 2016, we conducted a Q+A session on our paper regarding the Great Oxidation Event (Based on paper by Chi Fru et al, PNAS, 2016)

In 2014 on our improved As sorbent (based on the paper by Moffat et al., Chem Eur J, 2014)

In 2010 on the effect of oil arsenic cycling in the marine environment (based on the paper by Wainipee et al., Water Res., 2010)

In 2009 on the opening of the new mass spectrometry facilities and the MAGIC group

In 2008 regarding stable metal isotopes to trace pollutant Zn in the atmosphere (based on the paper by Gioia et al., Anal Chem, 2008)

Documentation of our collaboration with Maldaba with respect to outreach (2016)

Demonstration videos for the life in student halls. These videos are on ‘You Tube’, and widely used as promotional material for undergraduate student accommodation (2010)

A demonstration video for the launch and subsequent advertisement of the MAGIC laboratories and facilities (2009)

Video on the PhD project of Jay Bullen on As removal technologies using Fe2O3/TiO2 bifunctional composites

You tube clip with undergraduate students to explain to health workers the underlying reason of the arsenic pandemic (2016)

David Large contributed in 2012 to the Penguin, the official newsletter from the Falkland Government reporting about our research on past environmental change in the Southern Atlantic Ocean in form of an interview.

Chris Moffat and Florence Bullough contributed an article on our arsenic removal work in A Global Village – an on-line magazine reporting on global policy issues. The article was published in May 2012.

I wrote articles for the Imperial College London Reporter to explain (i) what isotopes are in the Science corner (02/2009) and (ii) what the College did to protect students in the student halls on swine flu (09/2009) (the latter in form of an Interview)

Interview with the Falkland Island Radio Service during fieldwork in 2012.

Interview with German International Radio following press release. Gezinkte Luft (05/01/09).

Web chat with the Guangzhou Daily following the organization of the Royal Society UK-China workshop of Young Investigators. Why Geological Information Could Predict Today’s Climate Change (28/2/2008). Internet and radio based Q+A session on climate change. This happened in connection with the UK-China workshop on climate change.

White Papers

Angle Journal

Angle is a web based  publication that offers original insights to both the Imperial College community, and external industry experts and policy-makers, and tackles a broad range of issues from energy, environment, agriculture and development, economics and finance, global health, and geopolitics.  Through emphasis of the wider context in which science takes place, Angle provides a platform for scientists to engage with current global challenges.

Article submissions are open to experts and thinkers – interpreted in the broadest sense. We typically attract and invite pieces from academics, early-stage researchers and innovators, policy-makers and professionals in both the public and private sphere.  Articles are loosely grouped into three types: feature (standard), opinion piece and research article. Please send a short abstract to anglejournal@imperial.ac.uk if you are interested in publishing in the journal. Contributions of our journal have featured in major newspapers including New York Times and The Guardian.