Teaching Publications


I am in the process of writing up the undergraduate laboratory course I developed over the last 10 years. I do this work in collaboration with Jay Bullen (Untap). Jason Sonnenberg (Wolfram) and Catherine Peters (Princeton). This textbook introduces a novel approach for teaching chemical processes in aqueous solutions in engineered and natural environments at undergraduate level. Theory and projects in form of easy to replicate laboratory and computational experiments are combined in a problem oriented learning context. The educational idea is to break down spatial and temporal separations between classroom and lab course as traditionally the case in science and engineering curriculums. This approach will be more inclusive for students with different learning styles.

Journal Publications 

We regularly publish teaching units in educational journals, such as the Journal of Chemical Education  (JCE) or the Royal Society of Chemistry Environmental Chemistry group bulleting. The JCE is the world’s premier chemical education journal. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and related information as a resource to those in the field of chemical education. One of the papers (Cheng et al., 2016) is now used in the classic text book of Harris, Quantitative Chemical Analysis. This textbook is widely used for training of chemists and science students in the basics of chemical analysis.

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  2. Cheng, A., Tyne, R., Kwok, Y.T., Rees, L., Craig, L., Lapinee, C., d’Arcy, M., Weiss, D.J., Salaun, P., 2016. Investigating arsenic contents in surface and drinking water by voltammetry and the method of standard addition. J. Chem. Edu. in press
  3. D’Arcy, M., Weiss, D.J., Bullough, F., Moffat, C., The, M., Borgomeo, E., Vilar, R., 2014. Adsorption of oxy-anions in the teaching laboratory: An experiment to study a fundamental environmental engineering problem. J. Chem. Edu. 91, 505-510
  4. Weiss, D.J., Harris, C., Maher, K., Bullen, T., 2013. A teaching exercise to introduce stable isotope fractionation of metals into geochemistry courses. J. Chem. Edu. 90, 1014-1017.