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Translational Activities

An integral aspect of our work is to translate the scientific findings into the ‘real’ world. We take these translational activities very serious and spend important parts of our working lives to these activities.

There are three distinct aspects to this.

  • Commercialization We try to invent and patent outcomes of our work, we are involved in the set up of companies or we collaborate with industry. Our main focus at the moment is on arsenic removal devices, water monitoring and air pollution.
  • Policy¬† We try to make the new insights the science in my field produces accessible to the policy community. To this end, we were heavily involved in the publishing of a on-line policy/science journal and aim in future to get involved in the production of white papers in collaboration with the Grantham Institute here at Imperial College London.
  • Public outreach¬† We try to tell the public about the science we do and explain the relevant aspects to society. To this end, we participate in science fairs, write general science articles, give public science talks and participate in press releases