Group and Laboratory

Our group consists at present of eight PhD students at different stages of their project (Congying, Hanif, Martijn, Hany, Xuan, Liberty, Juy, Jack), of two fellows (Nina, Claudia), and of one MSci student (Abigail). On Mondays, we meet for a coffee and discuss laboratory issues. We have our group meetings every Friday at 10 pm where we present our work, discuss papers and technical questions. We then clean the lab together and have a coffee. A nice way to end the week.



We have two main laboratories which we use and which are integral to our work. In the aqueous geochemistry lab (LGM06), we conduct experiments (photo-oxidation, complexation, adsorption and dissolution, column and batch), conduct electrochemical and spectrophotometric analysis and grow microorganisms. In the MAGIC laboratories (LG19, 25 and 18), we conduct work involving isotope measurements, ion exchange columns and any general clean room work. The latter are part of the MAGIC group.