We use two different laboratory units where we conduct our own experimental work and we collaborate with labs from other research groups to get access to other expertise, instrumentations and software.

A – LGM06

In this laboratory, we study surface processes and aqueous speciation. To this end we have a general wet chemistry laboratory with 4 benches and various instruments and software licenses including:

  • 2 Potentiostat for voltammetric determinations (Au and HDME electrodes, both from Metrohm)
  • 1 Potentiometric Titrator (Titrando)
  • 1 Incubator
  • 1 Autoclave
  • 1 UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Jenway)
  • Ion selective electrodes: CO2, H+, Cu
  • Columns and pumps
  • UV irradiation
  • We have software licences for Gaussian and HYPERQUAT

B – MAGIC Labs

In the MAGIC laboratories, we conduct our  isotope work. We have two large clean laboratory with Class 100 fume hoods, including a perchloric fume hood. The instruments include

  • 2 multi collector ICP-MS (Nu Instruments)
  • 1 Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer (Triton)
  • 1 Microwave digestion oven (MLS)
  • Various hot plates for acid digestion
  • High precision balance

C – Collaborations 

  • CHN Analyzer, in collaboration with Baruch Spiro
  • Various imaging facilities incl. TEM, SEM, EDX-SEM, in collaboration with Steve Skinner
  • Quadrupole ICP-MS, Agilent, in collaboration with Sam Krevor
  • Ion chromatography for anions and cations, Metrohm, in collaboration with Matt Jackson
  • NMR, TIC and HPLC, in collaboration with Ramon Vilar
  • FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy, in collaboration with Mark Septhon
  • LC-MS/MS, in collaboration with Gerard Larrouy
  • Plant growth chambers, in collaboration with Colin Turnbull
  • BayesMixQt for change point modelling calculations, in collaboration with Kerry Gallagher