People and Projects

Dominik Weiss, Professor I am the head of the Environmental Geochemistry Group here at Imperial College London. I also have a visiting appointment at Princeton University. My research interests focus on understanding trace metal cycling and chemistry in natural and engineered environments.

Nina Schleicher, Fellow, German Research Foundation  Nina’s research interests focus on the development of non traditional stable isotopes to trace atmospheric pollutants in aerosols. In particular she is interested in better understanding isotope fractionation of Cu and Zn during the combustion and smelting process and in testing the thesis that these isotope systems allow us to differentiate between combustion and non combustion sources. She works on aerosol samples collected in Beijing, London and Varanasi and introduces DFT calculations.

Claudia Rocco, Marie Curie Fellow, European Science Foundation Claudia project aims to better understand the role of phytosiderophores in the uptake of zinc and other trace metals by rice and other Poaceae under micronutrient limiting conditions. Her work combines plant growth experiments, studies of metal ligand complex formation and determining metal-ligand complexes using LC-MS/MS. She collaborates with Ramon Vilar from the Chemistry Department, Gerald Larrouy and Colin Turnball from Life Sciences and Matthias Wissuwa from IRRI/JIRCAS.

Md Hanif, PhD candidate, Islamic Development Bank Hanif is investigating the effect of saline intrusions due to raising sea water levels on the bioavailability of micronutrients in soils and aquifers in Bangladesh. In particular he is interested in understanding better how the changing speciation of Zn affects the adsorption on soil particles including single and multi mineral systems. Hanif is co supervised by Guy Kirk from Cranfield University.

Hany Heiba, PhD candidate, Newton-Mosharafa Fund | British Council  Hany is exploring the potential of doped TiO2 to oxidise arsenite in visible light.  He is a student within the CDT of Advanced Surface Analysis. The first part of this thesis involved the development of a method to accurately determine oxidation rates of As(III) over TiO2. The second part focused on the synthesis and characterisation of Sn@TiO2 and investigating the oxidation mechanism of this new photo catalyst. He is co supervised with Andreas Kafazis from the Chemistry Department and Camille Petit from Chemical Engineering.

Congying Chen, PhD candidate Congying is working on understanding the effect of siderophores on colloid formation in alkaline and saline solutions typical for cement leachates. Much of his work is dedicated to determine thermodynamic parameters. This included first determining acid dissociation constants of siderophore type ligands at high ion strength and elevated temperatures. He now quantifies the U, Mo and V affinity constants with the key functional groups of siderophores using electrochemical techniques. The new thermodynamic constraints will be used to improve the speciation of these metals in the near field. He is co supervised by Mike Bluck in Mechanical Engineering.

Sarawud Saleesongsom, PhD candidate, Thai Government Juy is interested in understanding the impact of anthropogenic activities in Thailand and the SE-Asian region on the atmospheric deposition of pollutant and nutrient elements on the terrestrial and marine environment. In particular he is studying the effect of air pollution and atmospheric processing on solubility and hence availability of trace metals in wet deposition. His work combines experimental determinations of reaction rates in the lab and integrating these into atmospheric chemical models under the supervision of Yves Plancherel.

Xuan Cao, PhD candidate, CSC Imperial Scholarships Xuan is interested in exploring the link between trace element concentrations and clumped isotopes in carbonates with the aim to use trace elements distribution to constrain kinetic controls on isotope fractionation. He has just finished determining the carbonic acid association constants in saline solutions assessing critically the best activity correction method and uses these new constants to predict the speciation of the metals of interest in hydrothermal solutions. He is supervised by Ceric John.

Martijn Eikelboom, PhD candidate, University of Liverpool Martijn is interested in the development of novel electrochemical techniques to measure arsenic in groundwaters and to use these measurements to better understand what controls the mobility in aquifers in Mexico. He is based at the University of Liverpool in Pascal Salauns lab. His initial work successfully managed to analyse accurately low concentrations of Arsenic at neutral pH. He tested the application of various electrodes (3D printed, microwire)

Jack Turney, PhD candidate, EPSRC Jacks research focuses on the interface between magnetisms and hydrocarbon exploration. In particular he wants to understand what geochemical conditions control the presence of selected iron minerals such as magnetite, greigite, pyrite and mackinawite. His work includes extensive reaction path modelling using PHREEQC. He is a PhD student in Adrian Muxworthy group and conducts the geochemical modelling with us.

Liberty Rockey, PhD candidate, Puraffinity and Imperial College London Liberty is a PhD student in Ramon Vilar lab and she is developing new resins for the selective removal of PFAS, in particular PFOA and PFOS as these have been banned/phased out under the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants. The aim is to develop a resin that can be incorporated in a point of use device – similar to our work with the ImpAs.

Evelyn Baker, PhD candidate, STFC Evelyn’s research investigates how magnetic minerals record external magnetic fields during grain growth processes. With a particular focus on determining the strength of the recorded magnetic field from the rocks magnetisation. She is a PhD student in the Natural Magnetism Group and conducts her magnetic mineral synthesis experiments with us.

Past Members and Their New Affiliations

Post Doctoral Associates, Fellows and Scientific Visitors

  1. Fengjie Liu, 2018-2020, now NERC Advanced Fellow at Imperial College London
  2. Aaron Huerta (with Chemistry), 2016-2018, now scientist at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  3. Eleonore Resongles, 2016-2018, now Researcher at IRD, France
  4. Marie Cecile Affholder, 2014-2017, now Research Fellow at ENSEGID – Bordeaux INP, France
  5. Janice Kenney, 2014-2017, now Professor at McEwan University, Canada
  6. Jennifer LeBlond, 2013 – 2016, now Strategic Partnership Associate at Harvard University, USA
  7. Katharina Reeh (with Chemistry), 2016-2017, now senior scientist with Puraffinity, UK
  8. Chaipat Lainpee, 2016 – 2017, now associate professor at University of Puhayo, Thailand
  9. Roulin Kondokher, 2014 – 2015, now Senior Scientist with DEFRA, UK
  10. Chris Moffat, 2014, now senior scientist at MSD (Merck Ltd), UK
  11. Sam Ying, 2013, now Assistant Professor at University of California, Riverside, USA
  12. Maria Izquierdo, 2013 – 2014, now post staff scientist at CSIC – Instituto de Diagnostico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua (IDAEA), Barcelona, Spain
  13. Raquel Ochoa, 2013 – 2015, now post doctoral research associate at University of Southampton, UK
  14. Cristina Caldelas, 2012 – 2015, now research fellow at the University of Barcelona, Spain
  15. Maxence Paul, 2012 – 2014, destination not known
  16. Jon Watson, 2011 – 2013, now research officer at Imperial College London, UK
  17. Marion Ferrat, 2011 – 2012, now scientific advisor to the UK Parliament, UK
  18. Simone Gioia, 2006, now staff scientist at Brazilian Nuclear Research Institute, Brazil
  19. Mercedes Diaz, 2005, now research group leader at INCAR, Spain
  20. Thomas Mason, 2004 – 2005, now senior researcher at NHS, UK
  21. Eta Mullane, 2000 – 2003, destination not known

Postgraduate Students (research and taught)

  1. Devang Patel, 2021, now working with NHS England
  2. George Northover, 2017-2021, now working for British Government
  3. Ana Segues, 2019, now PhD student at University of Barcelona, Spain
  4. Jay Bullen, 2016 – 2020, now CEO the Untap
  5. Camille Peers, 2015-2020, now consultant with ERG
  6. Matt Kirby, 2016-2019, now senior scientist with Radioactive Waste Management
  7. Rabia Zafar, 2014-2017, now Director at Sardar Bahadur Khan Womens University, Pakistan
  8. Chaipat Lainpee, 2013 – 2016, now professor at University of Puhayo, Thailand
  9. Tamara Markovic, 2012 – 2015, now principal regulatory analyst at Leatherhead Research Ltd
  10. Roulin Khondoker, 2011 – 2014, now senior scientist with DEFRA
  11. Saba Mansoor, 2012, now consultant Principe Air Quality Scientist with Atkins, UK
  12. Chris Moffat, 2010 – 2013, now senior scientist at MSD (Merck Ltd), UK
  13. Fiona Larner, 2010 – 2013, now post doctoral associate, University of Oxford, UK
  14. Cristina Caldelas, 2009 – 2012, now research fellow at University of Barcelona, Spain
  15. Shuofei Dong, 2008 – 2012, now senior researcher with Agilent, China
  16. Sharidah Mohd, 2008 – 2015, now staff scientist with Petronas, Malaysia
  17. Marion Ferrat, 2006 – 2009, now scientific advisor to the French Parliament
  18. Tim Arnold, 2006 – 2009, now associate professor at University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  19. Yao Shao, 2005 – 2009, now associate professor at Chinese University of Mining Technology
  20. Wim Wainipee, 2005 – 2008, now staff scientist at Environment Thailand, Thailand
  21. Kate Peel, 2004 – 2008, now laboratory manager at University of Southampton
  22. Helen Crowther, 2004 – 2007,  now staff scientist BHP Billiton
  23. John Chapman, 2004 – 2007,  now staff scientist Geological Survey of Canada
  24. Jo Muller, 2004 – 2008, now Professor at Golf Coast University of Florida
  25. Malin Kylander, 2003 – 2006, now Associate Professor, University of Stockholm
  26. Alla Dolgopolova, 2000 – 2004, now senior researcher at The Natural History Museum London
  27. Thomas Mason, 2000 – 2004, now senior researcher at Leeds Health

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students (MRes, MSc, MSci and UROP, incomplete list)

Abigail Wong (MSci, 2021), Deval Patel (MSc, 2021), Crystal Fu (UROP, 2021), Suzy Peng (MSci, 2020), Haris (UROP, 2020), Zixiao Wang (MSci, 2018), Hajiib Haid (UROP, 2018), Sarhan Abdul Samat (MSci, 2017), Felix Nicol (UROP, 2016), Minn Wong (UROP, 2016), Jennifer Peng (exchange student from UBC, 2016), Jordan Weddepohl (UROP, 2016), Mitch d’Arcy (MSci, 2011), Julia Barrot (MSci, 2010), Paul Britton (UROP, 2013), Florence Bullough (MSci, 2010), Roulin Kondokher (MSci, 2010), Juttla Pavan (UROP, 2013), Anita Parbakhar (MSci, 2008), Rhyadd Watkins (MSci, 2007), Amar Lochab (MSci, 2010), Zara Hanson (MSci, 2012), Morrison Casssius (MSci, 2012), Sebastian Rauch (exchange student, Jacobs, 2007), Lucy Fermin (2012), Etienne LeGeoff (exchange student, Ecole des Mines Paris, 2005), Kemi (MSci, 2011), Kushan Surhaia (exchange student, IIT, 2009), Satnam Sulak (2009), Alba Sanchez (exchange student, University of Valencia, 2008), Michaela Sheppard (MSci, 2006), Gemma Russel (MSci, 2008), Markus Lemberger (MSci, 2006), Land Teh (MSci, 2001), Paul Redwood (MSci, 2000)