My teaching objectives are to develop and deliver state of the art teaching of all aspects relevant to environmental geochemistry and to produce learning materials that help the student to master their subjects.

On a technical level, I am working on combining practical and theoretical teaching, meaning that courses delivered contain both elements – lab and classroom, and offer on line and in person learning resources. My courses aim to be adaptable to different learning environments and content. This approach puts into practise the recent recommendation from a nation wide study conducted at MIT into the future of engineering education. My teaching aims to be adaptable to different learning environments and content. It is a blend of real and virtual instructions allowing students being physically located in different parts of the world. My classroom environment is aimed to be instantly transformed from a traditional class to external learning environments such as field and laboratories. My courses are designed so they are no longer limited to the pace dictated by individual students. My teaching aims to help the students to custom design their curriculum based on their interests and abilities. My courses allow instant access to assess progress through different levels of assessments and automatic feedback for improvement.

On a more philosophical note, as teacher and educator, I am committed to providing the best educational experience for my students and to develop innovative courses.  I address different learning needs of the students by offering diverse teaching methods and I try to integrate different science areas where possible to make interesting for students with interests outside of environmental geochemistry. Essential to my teaching is a desire to create new opportunities and to promote passion for learning, to encourage students to develop interests, and to understand the role of geochemistry in broader societal and scientific contexts.  I consider my teaching as a space to challenge new ideas and questions, and a forum to instruct and preserve important ideas and learning approaches.  Whether it is a laboratory, classroom or tutorial-based course, my aim is to have students discover the relevance and significance of the course material and to take ownership of their learning experience. Above all, like the best teachers I had, I hope to be a role model and a source of inspiration to my students to approach learning with enthusiasm and excitement. I encourage students to consider themselves as scientists and global citizens who can make an important contribution to the sustainable management of this planet.

Teaching 2 375

A third year undergraduate student conducting experiments with a self constructed Galvanic cell to understand better redox reactions in the environment. This lab based course mixes classroom and hands on teaching, mixes on-line and in person teaching

Some student feedbacks

Thank you for offering the opportunity of writing my first ever paper and for guiding us through the process. That was invaluable experience for me, especially as an undergrad, and I am sure it was the same for the other students. Hope 2018 will be full of surprises and happiness!”

“I would like to share with you that I have improved significantly on my first term exams […] Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant support and motivation 😊  Will be working harder for the next summer exam and the rest ! Till then, I hope you have a good day ahead !